Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan’s chairman, chief executive officer), reportedly gave his predictions on where the U.S. economic future is heading during a call with clients last week, Yahoo Finance reported Saturday. The executive acknowledged that the U.S. economic is strong with healthy balance sheets for consumers and businesses. However, he stressedContinue Reading

Tax Consulting SA in South Africa claims that recent revelations from the central bank deputy Governor that his institution plans to regulate cryptocurrency within 12 to 18 months means that cryptos ‘will soon become regulated under Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS). Accordingly, all individuals or organizations that provide advisory or intermediaryContinue Reading

The country’s public broadcaster, Radio Televizija Crne Gore (RTCG), revealed that the prominent crypto figure Vitalik Yeterin is now a citizen Montenegro. Radio Televizija Crne Gore, (RTCG), quoted an announcement from the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare of Podgorica. The report states that the Russian-born Canadian programmer and Blockchain specialist, Zdravko Krivokapic, andContinue Reading

Auditor in Kazakhstan has identified crypto mining companies that are eligible for tax benefits normally granted to businesses involved in innovation development. This is a sign that the “Digital Kazakhstan” program is not being properly implemented, according to the representative of the country’s Accounts Committee. Akylbay Ibraev, quoted by Inbusiness.kz, explainedContinue Reading

After blocking the accounts of a group of citizens whose activities are allegedly connected to a money laundering investigation by the FIOD (the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service of the Netherlands), Binance is now facing legal problems in Colombia. reports show that the cryptocurrency in these accounts is worth more than $1million. UsersContinue Reading

The BSE has begun trading crypto instruments that track the prices of bitcoin ( BTC and ethereum [ ETH]). According to an announcement, investors looking for innovative crypto products can now trade in eight crypto-exchange-traded notes ( ETNs), as per a Thursday publication. The launch of these instruments will see the Bulgarian stock exchange follow in theContinue Reading

Bitcoin’s fair value is 12% lower than its current price. This is based on volatility relative to gold. According to JPMorgan. According to strategists led by Nikolaos Pantigirtzoglou, the bank’s analysis assumed that bitcoin was four times more volatile than gold. According to them, bitcoin’s value would then be one quarter of $150,000 or $38,000.Continue Reading