Family Goes All In On Bitcoin At $900, Has Keys Stored Around The World

Didi Taihuttu and his family spoke out about the cold storage of their bitcoins in cold storage in a recent interview with. Famous ‘Bitcoin Family” sold their home and used their assets to purchase more Bitcoin in 2017.

The Dutch family’s cold storage hardware wallets were kept in secret vaults around the globe by their secretive relatives.

Didi said, “I have hidden my hardware wallets across many countries so that I don’t have to fly far if I need access to my cold wallet to jump out of this market.”

Taihuttu revealed that the hardware wallets were distributed on four continents. There were two in Europe, two Asia and one in South America. His goal is to keep bitcoin cold stored on every continent.

Didi also stated to CNBC that none of the hardware wallets were underground or on an isolated island. Instead, they are hidden in places like rental apartments, self storage sites, and homes of friends.

Didi explained that 26% of his bitcoins and other cryptocurrency were kept in hot wallets. He also said that he trades and wagers on altcoins with this money. The rest of his bitcoin remains in cold storage.

The importance of bitcoiners is stressed and encouraged by many people. They often encourage people to take ownership of their coins and use cold storage self custody solutions.

The family does however love multisig setups and third-party custodians that use them for inheritance planning.

Didi said CNBC, “They have beautiful setups to inheritance.” These companies also handle your estate when you pass away, and I believe that they do a fantastic job.

This interview was published coincidentally on a day Representative Don Beyer (D-VA), introduced the Digital Asset Market Structure and Investor Protection Act. It also came just days after the Senate rejected a proposal to exempt U.S. bitcoin entities from a broker’ designation.
Many congressmen are attempting to regulate a distributed network of hard money. They believe that citizens are incapable of assessing and mitigating risks associated with being custodians and managers of their wealth. This despite the fact humans have been keeping their hard assets of value for thousands upon thousands of years.

Didi stated that despite this, he prefers to live in a decentralized environment where he has the responsibility to protect his capital. Many bitcoiners agree.

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