Vitalik Buterin Becomes Citizen of Crypto-Friendly Montenegro

The country’s public broadcaster, Radio Televizija Crne Gore (RTCG), revealed that the prominent crypto figure Vitalik Yeterin is now a citizen Montenegro. Radio Televizija Crne Gore, (RTCG), quoted an announcement from the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare of Podgorica.

The report states that the Russian-born Canadian programmer and Blockchain specialist, Zdravko Krivokapic, and Milojko Spajic, were the ones who suggested to him the Montenegrin passport. His department provided this statement:

Recognizing the importance of this initiative Minister of Interior Sergej Sekulovic decided to grant Vitalik Buterin Montenegrin citizenship on the suggestion of the prime minister. Today, he was given a Montenegrin passport.

The finance ministry noted that Minister Spajic invited a group global crypto experts to Montenegro. The Montenegrin authorities are confident that the cooperation will help develop the country’s economy and attract investments.

After a panel entitled “Future Now!”, comments were made by participants. Buterin said that a new era in Montenegrin finance is possible. He stated that Montenegro needs a solid legislative foundation and the ability to educate its young generation so that they can take advantage of digital assets.

One of the most prominent representatives of crypto technology, the co-founder of Ethereum is expected to promote Montenegro further and support the development of the blockchain industry. The country is currently working to create a comprehensive legal framework that will allow the best possible use of crypto technology, and encourage growth in this sector.

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